Bargains for the week of June 16 – June 22

Boy, things have been kinda hectic since we finished up my friend’s wedding last Saturday, and started gearing up for my Next Food TV Network Star Competition at the San Diego Fair!  But I did have some time to do a little research on some deals.  Seems that now that it’s BBQ season, all the markets are fighting for steak lovers’ attention.  Part of determining what is a bargain is personal preference when it comes to meat.  Some people do not want to buy the leaner grade of Select beef, some people do not want bone-in steaks, and some people just cannot buy the Max Package quantity.  For my purposes, I will report the cheapest prices regardless of grade of meat or quantity requirements.

Ranchers Reserve Bone-In Rib Eyes $4.47/lb. for Max Pack and $4.99 for smaller packages at Vons.  If you buy at least $25 worth, there is a coupon for $5 off.  That would bring the price down to $3.58/lb. making that the cheapest price. 

T-Bone Steaks $3.99/lb. at Stater Brothers.  I’m assuming these are for Select grade beef.  The up side is that this is for any size package.  You don’t have to buy a MAX Pack!

Boneless Rib Eye Steaks or Roasts $4.99/lb. at Ralphs (Select).

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  1. T- loving the blog!! It really is so helpful!!

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