Very Simple Guaranteed and Proven Weight Loss Plan!!!

Let me start by stating that I am NOT a crystal collecting, chakra balancing, mantra chanting, tie-dye clothed, unshaved armpit, tree-hugging, Vegan Liberal alarmist.  That said, I AM a granola-munching,  environmentally perturbed, veggie-loving, card-carrying-Republican, Catholic-school-surviving, farmers-market-roaming, bargain-hunting, carnivorous, foodie fanatic.  And I’m reading about more and more health risks associated with Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin, Acesulfame K, and other sugar substitutes marketed under the brand names Splenda, Equal, Sweet One, Sunett, Sweet ‘N’ Low, etc.  Some argue against artificial sweeteners, and others argue against real sugar in your diet.  But think about it, you can find expert testimony to uphold ANY argument (example: O.J. Simpson).  Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to stop using artificial sweeteners, avoid refined white sugar, and use organic raw sugar and/or honey.  Because it is more expensive, I will be more conscientious about it’s usage.  The articles about refined white sugar also brought up the low-carb, high protein diet fad that promotes unhealthy high fat consumption.

Over the decades, ALL the diet gurus have been proven to be absolutely, positively FULL OF BULLSHIT.  Over the LONG TERM, not one of those diets has proven to be a healthy LIFESTYLE!  Do you honestly know anyone who has slimmed down to their desired weight and still maintained the weight for 3 years or more on the South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Atkins Diet, etc.?!?  If you are still unhappy with your weight and paying for their more expensive version of food products, aren’t you just fooling yourself into buying that “magic pill” for easier weight loss?!?  Deep down inside you are smart enough to realize you are lying to yourself, and this really isn’t good for you!

There is ONLY ONE DIET that has been proven to work after CENTURIES OF TESTING!  This diet was around BEFORE all these low-fat, low-carb, and sugar-free money-making diet product gimmicks were draining our wallets!  Losing or maintaining a slim figure is NOT EASY, or everyone would be wearing cool, hot-looking skinny clothes!  However, I GUARANTEE this diet is SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE!!!  I GUARANTEE You will fit into a smaller clothing, weigh less, and be healthier!

If you increase your activity by 500 calories a day and do not increase your eating, you will lose 3500 calories a week, the equivalent of 1 pound. Alternatively, if you reduce your eating by 250 calories per day and increase your activity by 250 calories, it’s still a net loss of 500 calories per day or 1 pound per week.

It’s easier to cut back on calories than it is to burn them off.
4 slices bacon = 500 calories
KFC E.C. 1 thigh + 1 drumstick = 500
Walking 5 miles = 500 calories

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetable, lean protein and some unsaturated fats.
  • Try to limit your intake of processed foods which are full of chemical additives, refined sugar, salt, saturated fats, and empty carbohydrates.  I knew a guy who lost over 20 lbs in 3 months when he stopped buying fast food for lunch. 
    Jack’s Ultimate Cheeseburger = 1010 calories
    Jack’s Small Fries = 330 calories
    Small Dr. Pepper = 150 calories
  • Increase your fiber with whole grains, legumes, and vegetables.  You will feel fuller on less calories, nourish your body with valuable vitamins and minerals, and it will move the toxins and sludge in your intestines.
  • Eat natural or organic whenever possible. (Studies have proven that the composition of grass-fed beef has higher levels of Omega-3 than grain-fed beef.  Those damn organic tree hugging hippies were right.)
  • Don’t deprive yourself, but allow yourself a small reasonably portioned reward when you’ve done well. (Your reward shouldn’t equal or exceed the weight lost.)

As I said before, I’m committed to using organic raw sugar or honey.  Where my budget allows, I will buy organic vegetables, fruits, food products, dairy, and meats.  I’m going back to having (non-instant) oatmeal for breakfast (since it’s been cold in the morning this summer), and doing more exercise again.  However, I may continue to consume rBGH tainted milk until my breasts swell to the size of Dolly Parton’s before I switch to the organic brands.  Below,  I’ve included links to articles about how additives affect your weight and health.

MSG is hidden in foods under different names (example: Cup O Noodles has high amounts of MSG, along with 60% of your RDA of sodium, & triglycerides).

Aspartame and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Columbia University on Sugar vs. Honey

Why we really don’t know the long-term effects of Splenda and

Why raw sugar is better for you and the environment.

Health problems from Atkins diet.

Why the Atkins diet is unhealthy

Why crash dieting is temporary. You’re losing glycogen & water, not fat.

Walking to lose weight

Why 30 min of light exercise is not enough. 50 min of moderate cardio 5x week is needed for “significant” weight loss results

Sample calorie chart

Why the Atkins diet & exercise is not good for you

A look at sugar from a fitness instructor.

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