It’s Been 7 YEARS, But It’s BACK! THE Most Free Fun With Your Clothes On!!!

Red Bull Flugtag Website:

Red Bull Flugtag challenges the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines off a 30-foot high flight deck in hopes of soaring into the wild blue yonder…or often, plunging into the waters below.  Flugtag, which means“flying day” in German, pushes the envelope of human-powered flight, but competitors need more than airtime to reach the podium. Teams are judged on three criteria: flight distance, creativity of the craft, and showmanship.  This criteria has inspired flying tacos, prehistoric pterodactyls, winnebagos with wings and even Snoopy and the gang to grace the Flugtag flight decks! And after a year with no Red Bull Flugtags in the US, 2010 promises to be bigger and better than ever.

The crowd has spoken! This summer wouldn’t be complete without a Red Bull Flugtag event on the West Coast, so on August 21st, Red Bull Flugtag will splash land in Southern California. Our last flight through LA was 2003. This year, Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor takes center stage.  Flying machines will swarm the skies above these coastal waters in hopes of achieving human-powered flight, and with such close proximity to stars of Hollywood, we’re sure to see some memorable performances.

Gates open: 11:00AM, First Flight: 1:00PM, Last Flight: 3:30PM
 I VERY HIGHLY recommend you reach downtown Long Beach before 9:00AM to make sure you have a place to sit or stand! I also recommend that even though there will be concession stands, that you bring some snacks, sandwiches, and bottled drinks that don’t require a cooler.

Follow the directions below to get to Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach Parking:
From San Diego county: Take 5 Fwy North to 405 Fwy north to the 710 Fwy to Downtown Long Beach and follow signage to parking downtown.

Where do I park?
You can pre pay for parking downtown and ride the free shuttles to the event. Go to this link to
pre pay for parking:

What is the shuttle route and times?
Free shuttles will run continuously from the downtown, prepaid parking areas.

Is there an Entry Fee?
Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach is 100% FREE to the public and open to all ages.  Please conserve energy & parking spots by carpooling!

Can I watch from my boat?
No, you will not be able to watch from your boat.

Will I be able to listen on the radio?
Yes! Tune into FM 91.1 Broadcast (subject to change).

Will there be road closures?
Eastbound Shoreline Drive from Aquarium Way to Pine Ave will be closed from 10AM to 4PM
on Saturday, August 21st.

What you can expect on site?
There will be food, and beverage vendors stationed around the event site. There are also several
restaurants surrounding the event site. The event is open seatingso get there early to reserve a spot.
No smoking or outside coolers allowed!

What can you bring to Red Bull Flugtag Long BeachHere is the?
NOTE: Guests and their belongings are subject to search on event site. Please return for any
additions or amendments.
• Blankets
• Umbrellas (small hand-held style)
• Baby Strollers
• Portable/collapsible chair
• Regular-size/unframed backpacks
• Sealed water bottles
• Empty Camelbak or other empty plastic container (ie, Nalgene bottle)
• Binoculars
• Personal camera equipment

See link below for another tiny taste of the craziness you will witness!

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