SonRise Ranch Gets Bad Break

Please read the following e-mail from Douglas Lindamood, and share it with your friends…

From: Douglas SonRise Ranch
To: Terree aka The Frugal Foodie
Sent: Wed, March 23, 2011 9:21:43 PM
Subject: SonRise Ranch – Chicken Breasts are in!

Hey everybody,

Do you recognize the logo at the bottom of this e-mail? Well, we used that logo on our label for our organic fed, free-range chicken breasts, and the USDA accused us of “deceptive labeling” – why?

Because the logo had a cow on it, and they said some consumers might think the chicken breast was beef! Can you believe that? Your tax dollars at work. Because of this, we lost our certification for chicken breasts from the USDA.

In the meantime, the USDA will approve chickens from the most horrendous, confined and filthy operations, pumped-full of antibiotics and growth hormones… available at your local supermarket!

This is the reason we have not had chicken for two months and we have a bunch of chicken breasts that are “non-USDA” approved, and marked “Pet Treats” – yes, because of a label, we have to sell our awesome chicken breasts as pet food. So, I cannot make a claim that our chicken breasts are USDA approved, but my free speech rights allow me to say this…

I love the taste of them.

So, if you are crazy enough to pay 6.75/lb for our chicken breasts so you can feed them to your pets – then we will have them at our markets for you. You will need to ask for them, they will not be out on the counter with our other products, such as Grass-fed beef, free-range pork and wonderful lamb chops.

You can come visit us at the following markets this weekend…
NEW! – Flower Hill, Del Mar Shopping plaza off I-5, Saturday’s 8-1

Vista (Saturday from 8 to 12)
Carlsbad (Saturday from 1 to 5)
Little Italy (Saturday 9-1:30)
Encinitas (Sunday from 10 to 2)
LaJolla, (Sunday 9 to 1)
Hillcrest (Sunday 9 to 2)

Douglas Lindamood, Owner
SonRise Ranch
(951) 719-5649

2 Responses

  1. under the same logic kellogs cornflakes contains roosters, frosted flakes contain tiger, and both Keebler and LuckyCharms contain “little people”

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