Allow Me to Digress: Non-Food Related Rant

In most cases, I just shrug and say, “thinning the herd.” But this one has me pissed off, because it was sheer thoughtless selfishness that caused the needless death of a wild animal as well.
Some people think they the rules don’t apply to them, and Richard White of San Diego, CA, found he was dead wrong.  In case you are unaware of the story, on August 24th Richard White was attacked by a grizzly bear in the protected wilderness of Denali National Park in Alaska.  For almost a century, there has never been a bear mauling fatality in this national park – – until now.  When I heard about it, I tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but the facts point to sheer recklessness.  I’ll let you decide.
If there’s anyone who thinks that he was simply unaware, then know that everyone going for more than a day hike must apply for a permit, and go through the required wilderness training before they can obtain a permit to go hiking overnight in Denali. In that training, they will tell you that the average grizzly bear can run up to 30 MPH. Meaning, from a standing start, it can run up to 25 MPH in 6 seconds, and can cover over 109 yards in those 6 seconds! In the 2008 Olympics, Usain Bolt ran 109 yards in 9.69 seconds which is an average of about 23 mph and he reached a top speed of about 27 mph. What does that tell you? If you think he simply misjudged the distance – – he was supposed to maintain a MINIMUM distance of a quarter-mile between him and any bear.  In other words,  a minimum of more than 1280 feet or FOUR FOOTBALL FIELDS placed end to end between him and the bear. Instead, he chose to stand WITHIN FIFTY YARDS!
I have been to Denali National Park via the ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian Highway. All throughout the long journey, I was acutely aware (since I couldn’t bring a firearm into Canada) that I needed to be very cautious while hiking in the wilderness. This is even though, unlike San Diego’s Richard White, I carried bear spray. It was completely irresponsible for this hiker to risk his life, and thus, cause this grizzly’s death just for some pictures. Please, respect the wildlife, don’t let your willingness to risk your life, be the cause for their death.

This story comes via The Associated Press

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