I Want Your Opinion on Genetically Modified Food (GMOs)

Do you think the increase in obesity in American children, teens & adults is due mostly to the sedentary nature of our increasingly electronic work & play? Or, do you think that growth hormones and genetic modification of foods to grow bigger/fatter/faster has influenced our own bodies? I mean, I can understand how kids have reduced physical outdoor play activity to sit and do computer/video games. But haven’t adults usually been more sedentary sitting at a desk doing paperwork? Think about it. The computer replaced the typewriter, White Out, calculator, ledger book, graph paper, slide rule, etc. that we were using while sitting – – just like we do with the computer. A certain percentage have gone from the factory to more technology based jobs, but were they all that much more physically active at the old jobs? And what about after work? Through the decades, haven’t we just changed from reading to listening to the radio show to watching TV – – all sedentary activities? But then again, don’t we have a larger proportion of the population with gym memberships than ever before in our history?

I see a lot of publications that point to all the sugar in our diets, but it wasn’t all that long ago  that Saturday morning cereal commercials were proudly advertising “twice the sugar” as part of their strong selling points. We drank Kool Aid with lots of real sugar, as well as Tang, Hawaiian Punch, Shakes, Egg Creams, Shakes, Lime Rickeys, Coke, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Grape Nehi, Yoo-Hoo, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper and A&W Rootbeer. Tab was the only diet drink (which only the desperate or determined could stand the taste). We ate Wonder Bread, Pop Tarts, Ding-Dongs, Sno Balls, Moon Pies, and countless other full sugar, full fat products back decades ago. Yet, with all the healthy diet changes and greater number of the population going working out – – why do we have greater numbers of children and adults with obesity? I heard something interesting on NPR recently that made me wonder if it’s not our current food supply affecting our bodies on a much deeper level.

Recent science has discovered that on our genetic material, our DNA, there is an “epi-layer” that may play a key in how nature/nuture affects our DNA. This is not to say that we may inherit an experience that our grandmother went through as a young girl. But scientists do say that it acts like a hormonal filter to determine how an external experience may affect our genetic material. They postulate that this filter may affect changes that create differences in two people of the same genetic material like siblings or twins.

According to GenomeWeb.com GMO’s are really not dangerous and The Atlantic food columnist Ari LeVaux is a scaremonger for the GMO paranoids.  We would be arrogant to think that we Americans know better than any other country on earth about what is safe or unsafe when experimenting with genetics. Why are so many other nations banning GMOs? I think we as consumers, should educate ourselves about these products. We should not allow ourselves to be apathetic and rely on large corporations and our government to share truth and facts when money is concerned.




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