Are You Gluten Intolerant or Are You A Faddist?

There are people who have celiac disease, still others have some gluten sensitivity, and then there are the faddists.  The 1% of our population with celiac disease are probably thankful for the faddists, because they helped create enough demand so that gluten-free breads, pastas, and desserts are more readily available.  On the other and, they are having to endure being lumped in with the faddists, instead of being recognized as suffering from a very real diagnosed disease.

At one time, cases of celiac disease were lower here than in Europe – – only one-quarter of one percent of our population.  Research at the Mayo Clinic has found the instances since the 1950s have increased four times that amount.  Some have postulated that it is due to changes in our diet that have included an increase in products made from flour with a higher gluten content.  Still others wonder if it is due to something else.  In a previous post, I put forth the idea that it is possibly the result of flour from GMO wheat.

The reason I wrote this post, is for a friend diagnosed with celiac disease.  I have heard some uninformed restaurant chefs say that they have served regular pasta when asked for gluten-free pasta.  The said they do so because gluten-free pasta is more expensive, and they have never had a customer complain afterwards.  I would hope that those people who have celiac disease call back to complain if they eat out and this happens.  More likely I’m guessing, there are people who have either: experienced occasional gluten sensitivity, have mistaken indigestion for gluten intolerance, or someone who thinks it’s trendy to order gluten-free who can’t tell the difference.  It is my hope that these self-diagnosed alarmists will refrain from identifying themselves as being gluten-intolerant as they cheerfully eat their bagels, cakes and pasta, so the plight and suffering of those who have been diagnosed is not diluted by these faddists.  I’d love to hear your opinion, so let me know what you think!

To read about the personal experiences of one blogger with celiac disease, here’s a link to Whitney Rains’ blog.

For advice on eating out gluten-free see Dangerous Lee’s blog post.



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