Support Your Community: Buy From Local Small Business & Self-Employed Neighbors

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Cut out large corporations and give your business to your neighbors with small businesses wherever you live! Added bonus, your tax dollars also stay local for community programs and education.

2 Responses

  1. What a terrific image. I know that the big box stores have more ways to discount and have more variety, but they are the first to slash jobs and value the shareholders more than either the employee or the customer. I hope people will support small businesses this Saturday!

    • Thanks for the feedback Susan! All the small things we can do add up to make someone’s Christmas brighter. Getting a cup of Fair Trade coffee and a Danish or bagel from an independent coffee house. Earrings or accessory item from a local boutique. A great find at a used book store. Some local fresh, organic veggies for your meals at the farmers market. All of these small actions add up – – especially if you invite a couple friends to join you!

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