Did You Know Bone Broth Is The Latest Health Trend? Learn Why!

I’ve been enjoying beef broth made with marrow bones since I was a kid. Back then though, we didn’t have access to organic or pastured cows like we have today. I mention this because bone broth has become the latest health trend, with many purported health benefits. These benefits include: gelatin for digestive tract healing, glucosamine for your joints, collagen for youthful appearance, glycine for better sleep & memory, high mineral content for your immune system, phosphorus, magnesium, & calcium for your bones and more. In fact, bone broth is part of the Laker’s official team diet!

When I get a craving, I feel lucky that I can take advantage of having one of the largest Vietnamese communities in the country near me. There are numerous restaurants around Little Saigon (in Garden Grove, CA), each making their own carefully guarded signature version of the ubiquitous pho (spiced beef bone broth). If you want to make your own soup at home but don’t want to simmer a huge pot of beef bones, there are some things you should know about buying beef broth.

At the very least, you should look for the USDA stamp on the package to be sure it was made under Federal Regulation health safety standards that some foreign imports may not follow. Also keep in mind, that many packaged broths are high in sodium, and may contain additives. If you’re eating this for your health, you should be looking for certified organic or better yet, pastured beef. Science has shown that pastured animals (allowed to roam freely and eat a natural balanced diet instead of feedlots grain), produce healthier food products. Most of us don’t have access to beef bones from pastured cows, but here’s where buying ready-made can be even better than homemade!

I found Balanced & Bright as a source for fresh beef broth made from pastured, organic cows. I also know they’re making their broth in Carnitas Snack Shack’s kitchen, which means it’s made in a clean, very well-known quality establishment. I’m blessed to count the restaurant’s owner/chef as a friend, and I know that he would not allow this product to be sold out of his establishment if it wasn’t of top-notch quality! If you’d like a recipe for Vietnamese Pho, check out my Gonzo Gourmands Facebook page!

Balanced & Bright bone broth is available every Monday and Thursday of each week 11am-6pm at
Carnitas’ Snack Shack – Del Mar 12873 El Camino Real, Suite M4 San Diego, CA 92130


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Note: I have not received any product or money from anyone mentioned in this article in exchange for an endorsement or review.

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