Meatless Monday Salad: Nomiku Sous Vide Yolk using Davidson’s Safe Eggs

Sous Vide Yolk with avocado, orange, red onion, cauliflower, tomato, garlic goat cheese

Happy Meatless Monday! I’ve been using my fave ‪‎3-2-1 Dressing on salads and as a marinade for chicken. I drizzled it on a salad of avocado, orange slices, red onion, blanched cauliflower, garlic goat cheese, tomato, sea salt and coarse ground black pepper. I’ve been experimenting a bit with a sous vide I received from the wonderful people at Nomiku recently. As you can see in the photo above, I included a 64.5 degree C egg yolk (I had been dying to sous vide for several years). I’ve included this sous vide “Egg Matrix” by Douglas Baldwin to show the texture of an egg yolk cooked at different temperatures. I’m looking forward to trying a 66 degree C malleable yolk too! Thanks to a very generous “Thank You” from Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs for a social media tip, I have plenty of pasteurized eggs for experimentation, and no worries about salmonella.

Sous Vide Egg Matrix

Although I realize that chicken breast meat is a healthier cut, I have always had a preference for dark meat, due to the juiciness and texture. For me, chicken breast had to be from a Costco whole roasted chicken, or I had to pan-sear a breast perfectly for me to enjoy it. Now that I have the Nomiku, the juiciness and tenderness of cooked chicken breast will no longer be a problem. In fact, the Nomiku sous vide will definitely expand the options for enjoying leaner and tougher cuts of beef for budget-friendly healthy meals. I will be sharing these culinary adventures, and I hope you follow along!

Why Do We Celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs?

 Colorful easter eggs

Why do we have ‪‎Easter Eggs‬? ‪‎Eggs‬ are often associated with rebirth‬, thus the connection with Easter‬.

Red Easter Eggs

However, early Christians‬ were forbidden to eat eggs during Lent.


When Christians were finally able to eat eggs, they became elevated to the status of a special treat.Traditional Easter eggs

This led to the elaborate‪ decorations‬ we see in Eastern Orthodox‬ Christian and ‪‎Fabergé‬ eggs.

Easter Eggs AEaster Eggs DEaster Eggs BEaster Eggs C

Easy Egg Cups Are Perfect for Easter Brunch

Eggs Brunch Cups
Makes 6-12 servings of 1 – 2 eggs per person


Preheat oven 350 F degrees

1 dozen eggs (I like Davidson’s @SafeEggs)
1/4 cup finely sliced green onion
1/4 cup chopped roasted red bellpepper (you can buy these in a jar to save time)
1/4 cup grated parmesan or pecorino romano cheese
6 slices of bacon (not thick sliced), you can substitute turkey or soy bacon
non-stick spray or butter (omit if using a non-stick muffin tin)
12-muffin tin or two 6-muffin tins

Lightly coat each cup with spray or butter. Cut each strip of bacon in half and line each cup. Break an egg into each cup. Evenly divide and top each with green onion, bellpepper, and cheese. Bake until eggs are set, (about 14-18 minutes gives set whites with runny yolks; increase time from there if you like a more well done yolk). Serve warm with fruit (or sauted veggies) and biscuits (or hash browns) like I did for a balanced meal. For a nice presentation, serve them on top of a plate of cheesy grits!

Eggs Brunch Cups B 2015-04-04 smallerEggs Brunch Cups E 2015-04-04 smaller

Note: This is not a paid endorsement or endorsement in trade for product. I gave Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs a little social media tip for their business, and they showed their gratitude with a generous amount of their wonderful eggs.

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