Why McDonald’s Changing To “Cage-Free” Eggs Is Merely A Step In The Right Direction

NPR recently reported, “McDonald’s USA announced that in the near future, it will no longer buy eggs from chickens that live in cages. Those cages are still the industry standard, and 90 percent of America’s eggs come from chickens that live in them.”

For more on this story, see NPR’s “The Latest Scramble In The Egg Industry: McDonald’s Is Going Cage-Free http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/09/10/438934607/the-latest-scramble-in-the-egg-industry-mcdonalds-is-going-cage-free

Cage-Free Eggs, Photo Credit - Dan Charles, NPR

Cage-free chickens in a barn near Hershey, Pa., get to roam and perch on steel rods, but they don’t go outside. This week, McDonald’s became the latest big buyer to demand cage-free eggs.

Also, see why “Cage-Free” isn’t really as humane as they promote it to be; and, why they should be shooting for “Free-Range” or “Pastured” chickens! https://blog.gonzogourmands.com/2014/12/05/all-eggs-are-not-the-same-why-cage-free-doesnt-mean-free-range-more/

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