I Have A Question About Taxing Marijuana…

Why bring up pot on a foodie page? Because several states will be voting to legalize it for recreational use this November, and this would allow many like me to pursue an interest in learning how to cook & bake with it. Please note that I am far from being considered a casual user. In fact, I’ve smoked pot less times than I’ve had a winning lottery ticket. (Yeah, that few.) There’s just too much control freak in me to use it as a recreational drug, so I go through life au naturel with an occasional glass of red wine. I’m not against other people using it, as long as they are not operating a vehicle or heavy equipment. As a matter of fact, I’ve looked into getting a prescription for my mom if she ever loses her appetite (like some seniors tend to do). But I have a question.

Eight states will vote to legalize marijuana either for recreational (Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, California) or medical (Florida, Missouri, Arkansas) purposes in November.* Many states considering it for recreational use figure if people are going to do it anyway, we might as well get some tax dollars out of them. (To me, that line of reasoning could open the doors for prostitution, but that is a different discussion.) So if the use of recreational marijuana is legalized in those (above) five states, I’m guessing the tax on marijuana would be on par with the tax on cigarettes or alcohol. So here’s my question: since Illinois and Georgia are the only states taxing prescription medicine,** will marijuana be tax free for people with a prescription card? I propose this may well be the case, if the states are to continue to recognize marijuana as a prescribable substance with medicinal benefits. What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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