WHO You Hire Directly Affects Your WORK LIFE & HOME LIFE

Many of us are/have been in a position to select people to work with/for us. You keep race, religion, gender, sexual preference, disability and age out of the equation. When you are hiring someone, you depend on their A) RESUME, B) an INTERVIEW, & C) REFERENCES.
Education – where did they go to college? do they have advanced degrees? does their course work or degree apply to the position? what was their GPA?
Work Experience – have they worked in positions that apply to the position they are interviewing for? what were their job duties? what skills or means were used to reach their achievements? what were the things done that lead to failures?
B) INTERVIEW – did this person provide the documents requested (if applicable)? does this person avoid making prejudicial comments about race, religion, sexual preference, gender, disability or age? do they speak intelligently? do they give direct answers to your questions or do they try to steer you to a different topic? are they pleasant or do they get upset or defensive?
C) REFERENCES – do they have favorable references beyond their family & in-laws? do past supervisors/coworkers have good things to say about this person?

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