Why Are Total STRANGERS TAGGING Me on Facebook?

facebook-fraudThis is mainly a foodie blog for people who are looking to save money. Goodness knows the economy is worse than anyone is daring to talk about on TV. The networks think it’s better for their ratings to cover the latest embarrassing gaff by Donald Trump, than to talk about how bad it really is for our struggling middle class Americans. I know of LOTS of people who are hurting in this economy – – many of them are baby boomers used to earning six figures. Now, they’re struggling to make house payments and getting care through MediCal. On top of this, their children can’t find the higher paying jobs needed to pay off their student loans, so they are living with their parents. Many middle class families are trying to keep up appearances like Teresa Guidice, just not resorting to illegal means to achieve it. Forgive my digression, and I will get back to the point.

I know some people like myself who have turned to social media marketing to earn a living, and still more who network on social media in their job search. Many of us do regular daily posts on Facebook as part of our social media routine, and I’ve noticed a strange new trend.


How did they get my name? Why out of millions of people on Facebook, did they pick me? Did they see that I “Liked” and commented on a photo my friend shared with me?

 Why do they think I would want to see my friends’ photos AGAIN from a complete stranger? Do they go up to strangers on the street and show them photos of their friends??? So I thought I would give them a taste of their own medicine and tag them into a post I had written. Well, I found I wasn’t able to return the favor, which leads me to the following conclusion.

ANSWER: Why don’t we just say that strangers are paid by Facebook to tag photos to increase the popularity or social media ranking for a subscriber of this Facebook service? Really, isn’t that why THEY can TAG ME, but I can’t TAG THEM? You may be experiencing this too and you don’t know it. Go into your “Activity Log” and look under “Review.” You may discover that strangers have been tagging you into their re-posts of photos by your friends too. Currently, the only way to combat this is to consistently go through your “Review” folder and un-tag yourself which can take a LOT of time. I think we should petition Facebook to go back to the way it used to be – – where only your friends could tag you into a picture they posted. Or, give you the option where strangers can’t tag you. What do think?

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