Please include the people of Paradise, California in your #Thanksgiving prayers.

I lived in Paradise from 1996 – 2001, and I’ve seen that many beautiful custom homes had been built in the some of the available land around town since I left. But now the Safeway and Albertsons I shopped are gone, gas stations are gone, elementary and high schools gone, police station gone, city hall gone, antique shops gone, theatre playhouse gone, library gone, whole neighborhoods both modest and wealthy – – all gone.

These ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos just provide a small taste of the devastation. It is tragic enough to have your house burn down, and another to have your livelihood and your whole town gone. When you have your Thanksgiving meal, please say a prayer for these people and the children who have had all images of their childhood erased literally overnight. The count for lives lost is currently 79, but estimates are that it will be over 100 as they continue to sift through the ashes for the nearly 700 missing.

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