Andrew Zimmern meets Tommy Gomes plus Gabardine’s Exec Chef Chad White at Catalina Offshore Products, San Diego’s Top Seafood Provider

Tommy gives Andrew a taste of a rare treat: fresh swordfish marrow!

This past February, Tommy Gomes gave Andrew Zimmern the opportunity to sample some really fresh seafood at Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego.

Tommy shows how the Uni (sea urchin) is processed.

Eating the Uni straight from the supplier is even better than going to a sushi bar!  SO FRESH!!!

Andrew is wowed by Gabardine’s Exec Chef Chad White

Andrew was also treated to some of the seafood skillfully prepared by Gabardine’s Exec Chef Chad White.

Look for the segment to aire on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods America Mondays 9pm PST.

I’m officially posted on the San Diego Fair blog as a Finalist!

The San Diego Fair has updated their blog on the Tour of Tastes Exhibit competition for The Next Food TV Network Star! I’m the #4 Finalist out of 8 total competing. Note that my Lumpia recipe posted is merely a framework, and I often change the proportion and ingredients according to market price and mere whims. Enjoy!

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